The PHP Cookbook Book Review

Not too long ago a good friend of mine, Alex Trauzzi came to me with a book he had received for Winnipeg’s PHP user group which I have attended from time to time. This book was the PHP cookbook by David Skalr & Adam Trachtenberg. The book is a beginner’s guide to PHP. It includes Solutions & examples for learning PHP programming. Some of the learning outcomes of the book include learning basic data types (ie: Strings, Numbers, Arrays, and dates / times), programming building blocks, and web programming. It is basically what you would expect learning PHP and makes for a great new user reference guide.

One way that this book stands out from others like it is the quality of the code samples in the book. The authors are not trying to intimidate new users like many do in their manuals but instead write clean, easy to read, and to the point code which illustrates their point.


The Book

The learning outcomes of the book include:

  • Basic data typers
    • String
    • Numbers
    • Arrays
    • Dates / Times
  • Program building blocks
    • variables
    • functions
    • classes
    • objects
  • Web programming
    • Cookies
    • forms
    • sessions
    • authentication
  • Database access
    • PDO
    • SQLite
  • RESTful API clients
    • HTTP
    • XML
    • OAuth

The book also covers designing robust, secure applications, encryption, and working with libraries. The book accomplishes all these learning outcomes in an efficient manor and does not stay from the topic being covered. A lot of the content in this book is essential to becomming a developer proficient in PHP developing APIs, web applications, or even just simple websites.

The Authors

The book is written by 2 knowledgable PHP developers.

David Sklar is an an independent technology consultant. In addition to writing previous additions of PHP Cookbook, he is also the author of learning PHP 5 and Essential PHP Tools.

Adam Trachtenberg¬†is the directory of the LinkedIn Developer Network. He’s the author of Upgrading to PHP 5 and the previous versions of the PHP Cookbook.

I recommend this book. If you are in Winnipeg, keep your eyes on the PHP user group if you are hungry for more knowledge. A few more PHP books for your convenience:

  1. The PHP Cookbook
  2. PHP The Good Parts
  3. PHP and MySQL Web Development (4th Edition)

PHP is one of the most versatile and widely used web languages out there. You can use it to do some really impressive tasks and although some people are against it, there is no aruging that it is really popular as a language. This book will give you the foundations for working with frameworks like Laravel.