CreatorBot-3D 2 color printer

The CreatorBot is the first affordable Two Color commercial, there are many 3D printers on Kickstarter but this one is one of the more interesting machines. I am looking forward to seeing printers of this quality out on the market. You can see more of it on their page.

The CreatorBot is the first affordable Two Color commercial, there are many 3D printers on Kickstarter but this one is one of the more interesting machines. I am looking forward to seeing printers of this quality out on the market. You can see more of it on their page.

STRETCH GOAL $45,000.00    

WIFI Connectivity upgrade on all printers!

Two color printing is easy with Dual extruders!

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Adding a third color using the Change filament command adds more depth to your prints.

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Here are some of the materials that the CreatorBot can print with.
Here are some of the materials that the CreatorBot can print with.

 Flexible materials like  “Ninjaflex” can be printed on the CreatorBot 3D Printer.

What is 3D printing all about?

3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, is the process of converting computer models into real objects. The process starts with a 3D computer model that you can draw on free programs like Google Sketchup or you can download thousand of things that people have already created from sites like thingiverse. The printer software takes the 3D computer model and slices it into layers. The printer heats up plastic filament and extrudes it in fine layers on the build plate one layer at a time until the object is completed.

What is the CreatorBot 3D Printer ?

The CreatorBot is the first (affordable) commercial grade large scale printer that everyone can use. With one of the largest print volumes available your creations become life size. We set out to build the most useful , durable and dependable printers available without “Breaking the Bank”. A fully assembled printer to get you going right out of the box. We gave it a large print area so you can build larger models. More freedom of design for your projects. More useful items for the home and office, larger sized models for the architect and engineer. A dependable tool for starting a home based business.

Special thanks to our media friends for featuring the CreatorBot.

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Who we are and what we are doing?

We are a family of  “makers” with a unique mix of skillsets. (Be sure to check out our bios). I’m Tom, the manufacturing veteran and my partner is my son Ben, a former Marine, who is majoring in computer science.  By combining our talents and passion as Makers we set out to engineer, develop and manufacture an affordable, commercial grade 3D printer. We see the first hand benefits to having a reliable large volume printer. Our printers are affordable, durable and well-engineered. We love 3D printing. We see this technology as the next industrial revolution. For the entrepreneur the ability to design, create and resale at home is here today. The artist has a larger pallet to produce his creations on. The hobbyist can bring larger ideas to life. The possibilities are endless! The idea of having a factory in your garage is here. Our Mission: Build Quality products, on time, at fair prices. Bring affordable easy to use 3D printers to the consumer that have a build volume that can produce real life size creations. A printer built to last.

Here is our flagship model with a 12″ x 12″ x 12″ tall build height!

Upgrade to an 18″ tall build height with enclosure for $99.00 added to your pledge.

Enclosed 18" Build chamber.
Enclosed 18″ Build chamber.

 Our enclosed build chamber controls the cooling process on extra large prints!

Why we need you to support our project:

We have put in the engineering time. Tested the beta units and ironed out the bugs. We are now ready to start the manufacturing process. We have invested our own funds to build and test working prototypes. We are now ready to tool up many of the components to build the printers. We have a world class supplier network. To keep the cost affordable and allow us to make a small profit we must invest in tooling to keep cost in line. We have manufacturing space, work cells and processes in place. Now we need our first production run to achieve the buying volume and put the wheels in motion.

 Why our project matters: We have seen low cost printers popping up in the market with big claims. The race to the bottom to produce the cheapest printer usually hurts the consumer with poor performing products, unreliable performance and negative feedback in the community. 3D printing is a precise process, good quality printing requires a stable platform. Printing objects layer by layer takes time. The printer needs to run long cycles and not overheat. We believe the 3D printing experience should bring satisfaction when you see your creativity come to life. We want to be the team that offers reliable, long lasting and easy to use printers to the consumer.

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Mechanics What makes our printer stand out?

-Well, we started with a rigid aluminum frame to maintain precision alignment. Then we added precision ground stainless steel linear rails coupled with linear ball bearings for smooth motion. All of the connection components are printed from parent printers.

-The electronics and heat bed are fed by a 450watt power supply back by a full two year warranty. Because printing large creations require long print times, we added direct cooling and high capacity heat sinks to the controller board.

  -The aluminum bed carriage is laser cut and cnc fabricated for exactness of fit. Then we developed a lightweight remote drive printhead (Bowden type) to minimize weight at the printer nozzle. And we didn’t stop there.

 -The build plate has some neat features; first, it doesn’t need tape to hold the print in place like other machines. We added a process to the tempered glass that requires only a light coat from a PVA glue stick (Elmer’s). We also added a magnetic latch to hold the plate in place. Bed leveling is simplified with a three point mount. We have future improvements in the works as well.

And its durable!

How do we compare?

Where we are now:

The current version is running from an SD card controlled from an LCD screen. We have three beta machines with dual extruders running at our test stands. Production planning is under way along with DFM (design for manufacturing) procedures. Allot of the production planning is focused on process engineering and quality controls to be implemented throughout the work cells.   The oldest beta unit has been operating over 9 months. The fit and finish is completed. Packaging specs underway. We have work cells complete for one assembly line outfitted with instruction cards and assembly fixtures. Tooling designs are completed and the supply chain is secured.

CreatorBot T shirt and Decal
CreatorBot T shirt and Decal

Where were going/we are working on:

Ben is working on a filament detection system that will pause the print and alert you when you run out of material. This allow you to run the spool empty during a print without having to start over. We measure “total cost of ownership” by the efficient use of consumables. Just like ink cartridges in the 2D printers we want the largest available spools at the lowest cost and be able to use every inch of it. Another area of development that we are focusing on is the bed leveling and calibration system. We will be allocating many man hours to developing an automatic leveling sequence to run before each print. This is still in the early stages but steady progress is being made on thru prototyping and there’s still a lot of code to write. And because our electronics are pulled from the open source movement we will be sharing our advancements with the community.

 Project timeline: