Laser Cube – An Enjoyable Laser Engraver and Cutter

I want a laser cutter, although I can easily build prototypes and 3D print all the small cases and stuff I am still lacking something of a professional clean finish. Laser cutters are big, expensive machines that certainly don’t really belong in my apartment (I am sure my girlfriend wouldn’t be happy). The laser cube not only fixes this, but is open source at that.

I want a laser cutter, although I can easily build prototypes and 3D print all the small cases and stuff  I am still lacking something of a professional clean finish. Laser cutters are big, expensive machines that certainly don’t really belong in my apartment (I am sure my girlfriend wouldn’t be happy). The laser cube not only fixes this, but is open source at that. You can check out the Laser Cube on the Kickstarter page right here.

Laser Cube is an open source and economical laser engraver/cutter kit . It is so easy to use and have pleasure from it .

What is laser Cube:

The cost-effective laser cube is an entry level desktop cutter or engraver design for hobbyists. Its technology is by using powerful laser to cut paper and engrave wood, leather,bamboo, plastic,and other materials.

 The LaserCube operating by GRBL  Grbl Controller 3.61 to Send G-code to the machine.  ( For more details, look at FAQ)

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Video showing you the cutting on the foam/ 10 x normal speed

Engraving on the cellphone case

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Video showing you the engraving on the cell phone case

 The Main Board of Laser Cube

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Laser Cube is also as a kit ,it comes with all the parts you need to assemble and operate your own laser cube.

 Engraving wood ,plastic,and paper

Engraving on some gift cards 

 Engraving on paper and wood

 Engraving on the arm of sunglasses

 Engraving chocolate & Bar Code & Coffee Stir Stick

After cutting the foam, you can enjoy the fun by doing copying & painting.

How did the Laser Cube come out?

Open source is the idea to bring everyone knowledge to accessible his/her self-build up work. We have been studying and thinking about how to use these source to make an own Laser Cube .This ideal Laser Cube could work high-capable , easy to use, carried or moved, and enjoyable! For this goal, We explored on internet and collect all valuable knowledge and hardware necessaries. Fortunately,  we had our very original laser box down in April. we did sell some of the parts and original laser boxes . The response was good from our buyers. As a belief , we wanted the laser box could be more desirable, both of from shape and duties. Finally, we have the advance one come out now. It is Laser Cube.   we were so excited .

 As a result, we found out that is so interesting to make a self-build Laser Cube by using the open sources.  Though we encounter some problems, such as having hard time to get all the parts of component together like other hobbyists may have, but we think it is worth. we decided to collect all the necessaries and make it available to the public.  As we put our laser cube project at Kickstart platform here,  we hope more hobbyists can enjoy the convenience and fun from assembling the laser cube. More important thing is, if we met our funding goal or over-funding, we are planning to make our laser cube to be more modification and rewarding more back to our supporters.

What are the characteristics of the Laser Cube?

  • The dimension of  Laser Cube is ( 6 x 6 x 71/4 in)
  • Working area is (4.2 x 4.2 cm/1.65in x 1.65in)MAX
  • All the software ,hardware , and graphics program is open source.  Free for personal use!
  • Uses the Arduino.
  • Blue Laser Diode (100 mw, like you’d find inside a Blu-Ray drive, which does the cutting & engraving
  • It comes as a kit to build at home, at a Hackspace, or with your local Maker group.
  • Laser cut Acrylic frame

How does the Laser Cube work?

The Laser Cube work exactly the same way as other professional laser cutter/engraver. The appropriate software and hardware which are open and convenient to be applied . The heart of the system is a Arduino, an Arduino and the laser cube shield.  It powers the steppers(A4988 Stepper motor driver) ,the laser and handles the hardware buttons.  The stepper motors move the X & Y Axis, a fan for ventilation, and a yellow cutting table.

By the way, a heatsink and two cooling fans installed to lower the temperature of the heart system and longer its useful life.


Laser Cube Controled by The Grbl Motion Control Software, it  uses standard G-Code to interpret designs. In Inkscape, you can draw; use your desired patterns, and designs to engrave or cut with your Laser Cube. Please take a look at our FAQ for details .

What elements are included in the kit ?

  • Laser cut Acrylic frame
  • Arduino Control board
  • Laser Cube shield
  • Laser diode (100MW Blue) with heatsink and cooling fan
  • Plastic parts (motor & laser mounts, …)
  • Axes (metal rods)
  • Power supply
  • All required cables, bolts and screws
  • Safety glasses

 Summary of the Pledge

 Image 1.Laser Cube Kit

Image 2 (Laser Cube)

What will we do with your money?

As I mention before, I like more people  enjoy the fun from building up their DIY laser cube  in  easy way. that is why I like to use this platform to be able to provide complete kits with all the necessaries. To be able to get a considerable components, I need your monies to make that happen.
Of course, We’ll put together a kit for you. we are looking forward  to our fund raising goal in July, and once movement have been made, we will assemble the kits and make delivery.
If we had enough money , we were plan to make the laser cube more majorization, from its shape to its function.  One of our future plan is planning to make no more Shield,but just an super mini higher efficient Adurino board .
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Engraving on a gift card | 10 x Normal Speed. 

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Production Timeline:

July:  Start Laser Cube project at kickstart

week 1&2:

Update information and keep everyone eyes on the project.

Make progress meet our funding goals.

Week 3&4:

Continuing development and testing

Line up and secure supply chain

August:  Final designed and confirm parts of components

Week 1&2:

Start manufacture parts of rewards (non Laser Cube)

Final Laser Cube designed and tested

Week 3&4:

Place components production orders

Deliver rewards (non laser cube)

September : Expected to receive your rewards

Week 1 to 4:

Assembly and match all required parts

post out all kits and Laser Cubes

Stretch Goals

$35,000 | Thank you all of you !  Backers!

Get to work immediately for some components. The new design heat sink  will replace the original one for better thermal transmission or maximum the heat disspation. You will get some colored foam shape for your project. This apply to pledge $175 and above.

 $55,000 I Thanks again for All of our Backers !

The regular metal screws will be replaced with the ideal connection Nylon screws for your Laser cube.. This will make your Laser cube to be more beautiful and weight light , environment protection , increasing durability,high temperature and chemical resistance and extend its useful life.

$65, 000 | Wow ! Thanks a million for all your Support!

Laser Cube will be upgraded with different color. you can choose different Acrylic colors for your cube. Color options: blue, pink, yellow, green, black. Does apply to pledge $199 and above.

The Powered-Up kit and Cube will be supplied with an extra 200mw Diode( a 12mm x 40mm Chromed Brass Module, and a standard driver). Bring you more fun!

Safety for you

Please wear appropriate eye protection when using the Laser Cube.The laser cutting process also produces fumes that may be toxic from certain materials, such as plastics. You should always aware the harmful from the laser light and its reflections. Make sure the air good enough around your working area . Keep it away from children and other people who are not familiar with using such a cube.

Duties and Taxes : Orders shipped outside of the United States may be subject to customs duties, tax and fees or import taxes levied by the destination country. These fees and taxes are not included in the shipping charge. We suggest you contact your local customs office for more information.

 The original software

 The updated software is coming