Dan Blair


Guy Dugas

Daniel is a sharp and reliable WordPress developer to whom I had the pleasure of transferring responsibility for the support and maintenance of a Winnipeg not-for-profit organization’s Website, online store, and social media. His professionalism and competence far exceed what you would expect of a student. It’s a bonus that Dan is also a very nice guy. I very highly recommend him.

Andrea McCann-Suchower

Daniel is very detail oriented and creative. He gives his projects all he can, and will research to find the information he needs. He is knowledgeable in his field and reliable when on a project.
Most importantly, Daniel is fun and friendly to work with. He is an impressionable person, and a very well rounded person between his people skills and his business skills.

Jody Gillis

Dan was one of the most engaged, curious, creative and hard working people I have had the good fortune of having in my class. He consistently goes above and beyond what is required. I am looking forward to seeing the amazing things I know he’ll accomplish as a budding entrepreneur. Winnipeg’s startup community is lucky to have him!

Jenn Lusby

Dan runs several successful businesses that are changing the VR landscape and is heavily involved in mentoring the next generation of business leaders. His work with Ramp Up Weekend, the Ace Project Space at RRC and his unwavering commitment to our ecosystem has proven he is a visionary and will stop at nothing to see that vision through. He is a born leader who demands excellence from all those who cross his path and it shines through in every interaction with him. Dan is a pillar of the start-up community and one I am proud to call a colleague, mentor and friend.

Michael Farris

Dan is a visionary with insights beyond his years. He took on a simple project for me a year ago and immediately saw how it could expand into a world class business venture. His ability to gather support, find the right people and choose the right technology makes him an asset to any enterprise.

Dan is someone who used to work for me. Now I work with him and would be pleased to work for him. He’s that kind of leader.