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I am an avid Chromebook user. I have been using mine for about a year now, it is a great little device that serves several uses for our house. It is my daughter’s primary computer, she plays games and reading exercises on it. My Girlfriend uses the Chromebook for general purpose web browsing and I use it to stream to my Chromecast. The Chromebook is one of the most used computers in my house, so when Google announced at Google I/O this year that they were toying around with the idea of bringing Android apps to Chrome OS I lost my mind.

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SysInfo is my latest app. This is a small, lightweight Chrome Packaged app that allows you to monitor various aspects of your computer. The nice thing about this being a Chrome app is that you can use this on basically any operating system that supports the Chrome Browser. This app is totally free and is so small that you will barely notice it on your computer, what do you have to lose. I will briefly describe some of the features you can expect from SysInfo.