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Google I/O 2014

Today was the keynote for Google’s developer conference, Google I/O. This is an exciting time for people who develop for and work with Google’s services and platforms like Android, Chrome, and ChromeOS. This year all kinds of exciting new things were announced like Android L, Android apps running on your Chromebook and Android TV. These are all new form factors for app developers and designers to consider when working with these services but it is exciting to be a consumer right now and get to experience some of this stuff.


Firefox Keon Developer Preview

The Keon is the developer preview device for Mozilla’s new mobile operating system Firefox OS. This phone is a small reference device similar to the ZTE Open and the Firefox Flame with lower end specs and a small profile. The Keon is manufactured by Geeksphone and is intended for developers, generally not regular consumers.


TiddlyBot fun and simple Raspberry Pi Robot

The Raspberry Pi is such a powerful little thing. It empowers people to learn and grow and it is the projects that really make it what it is. The TiddlyBot is one of the best educational projects on Kickstarter right now. It is a small robot that can draw, follow lines, and help with learning about technology. You can check out the TiddlyBot on it’s Kickstarter page.


3D Printing, Welcome To The Future

Welcome to the future. We now live in a time where you can find something interesting on the internet and in a few minutes have a small plastic version of it on your desk. 3D printing is exactly as it sounds, printing something from your computer in 3D. If You’re not somebody who follows technology much beyond the latest phones, TVs and iPads then you may not know much about 3D printers.


Titan 1: Fastest, Tallest Print, High Res SLA 3D Printer

3D Printing is one of the coolest new technologies being developed right now. It is moving at a fast rate and there are some really interesting new designs coming out like the Titan 1. The Titan 1 is currently on Kickstarter and looks to be the fastest, tallest, and best quality print out there right now. You can check it out on kickstarter. Up to 2.7 inches per hour print time, 9.5 inches tall print size, and min 37 micron XY resolution – enabled by Patent-Pending PSP Tech. Compared with Stereolithography (SLA) competitors, Titan 1 is at least 2 times faster and has the largest printing size.


Firefox Flame Review

The Firefox Flame is Mozilla’s newest and in my opinion most exciting phone that is hitting the market this year. The Flame is their new reference standard phone which makes it similar to Google’s Nexus line for Android. The Flame to me is refreshing because it is the first phone that I have personally used that I would consider an every day phone.I have in my arsenal the ZTE Open, Geeksphone KEON and now the Firefox Flame and I have to say the Flame really is going to be a nice reference.


SysInfo The System Utility Chrome App

SysInfo is my latest app. This is a small, lightweight Chrome Packaged app that allows you to monitor various aspects of your computer. The nice thing about this being a Chrome app is that you can use this on basically any operating system that supports the Chrome Browser. This app is totally free and is so small that you will barely notice it on your computer, what do you have to lose. I will briefly describe some of the features you can expect from SysInfo.


Serious security flaw in OAuth and OpenID discovered

Apparently Heartbleed wasn’t enough security exploit for the internet, Attackers can use the “Covert Redirect” vulnerability in both open-source log-in systems to steal your data and redirect you to unsafe sites. A found in popular open-source security software. This time, the holes have been found in the log-in tools OAuth and OpenID, used by many websites and tech titans including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and LinkedIn, among others.


Tiq Probe

tiq is designed to be the first tool you’ll use when chasing issues in your electronic project, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, internet-of-things-thing or robot – automatically giving you fast, detailed information in an easy-to-connect handheld probe. No other tool offers tiq’s unique combination of powerful features.


Community & Development

When you start attending user groups and meetups, you will not only start meeting like minded developers but you will be invited to share your ideas and see what you are truly capable of as a developer. This experience is the most valuable thing you can get entering the field and it is something that I am happy that I did before even graduating college.