Dan Blair
image Web Summit 2016

So now that I have had some time to digest everything from web summit, I figured it was time to talk about it. In Early October 2016 I hopped on a plane to fly over to Lisbon Portugal. Not knowing what to expect I figured I would spend the next 6 days wandering around Lisbon and catching some talks at the event. Over all, that stuff did happen but the event ended up having a lot more in store for me than I initially expected.

image Perspectives on Virtual Reality

Event Registration: http://www.pegjam.com/virtual-reality-panel/

Panelists: Graeme Borland, Corey King, Dylan Fries, Dan Blair, Lesley Klassen, John Luxford and Kert Gartner

Moderator: Matthew TenBruggencate

Curious about Virtual reality and hoping to learn more? Come hear from local companies working in the VR space share their perspectives on creating projects ranging from games, cinema, applications and more. Ask questions to any of panelists during the open floor question and answer portion of the panel Moderated by Matthew TenBruggencate Director of Communications with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce.

Brought to you by IGDA Winnipeg, Winnipeg Game Collective and New Media Manitoba. Special thanks to Red River College for hosting the event.


Join us as we take to the streets to pitch, party and plan for Manitoba’s burgeoning entrepreneurial economy.

Be sure to be there at 2:00PM for the most transformative technology announcement in Winnipeg’s history, watch the Pitch Idol competition, step inside to see the Fabrication Lab, tour the Makers Market and Tech Company Showcase and sample offerings from the city’s finest food and beverage trucks.

image Construction Safety Simulator is GREENLIT

So what does this mean? Well this is exciting news for Bit Space Development because over the last year or so we have been working with many different organizations to build interactive training solutions to help organizations accomplish things like hazard identification without putting their employees in danger while they learn. Being greenlit is awesome because this was an opportunity to take what we knew and build something fresh.. in virtual reality. We were voted onto the Steam platform in less than a week, far less time than industry standard which has given us a huge amount of data about our potential customers.

image Reforging Reality – Virtual Reality TEDx Winnipeg

My topic was where did virtual reality come from and how is it affecting our local industries. At Bit Space Development we have a focus on building interactive virtual reality applications for education, training, and fun. We are working on plenty of client related projects that bring their ideas to life in VR in one way or another, we also have some awesome projects we are building ourselves. The video is finally up, you can watch my talk here.

image Prairie Dev Don 2016 – Introduction to Laravel

I had the opportunity to speak at Prairie Dev Con on the topic of Laravel. Despite my nervousness I was happy to see lots of my friends in attendance at the conference. I have embedded my slide deck here. The talk is intended as an introduction to frameworks and Laravel in general.

Overview In this session we will explore the benefits of the Laravel framework, how to get started, and how to build an efficient platform using this powerful PHP framework. We will look at the code behind a simple application written in Laravel and dissect some of the interesting components. By the end of this talk you will be ready to start exploring PHP and Laravel for yourself.
This is a pretty basic introduction to Laravel, if you have experience in the subject you may find it more beneficial to just jump in and start playing. Check out our Docker integration: https://github.com/atrauzzi/laravel- drydock