Community & Development

When you start attending user groups and meetups, you will not only start meeting like minded developers but you will be invited to share your ideas and see what you are truly capable of as a developer. This experience is the most valuable thing you can get entering the field and it is something that I am happy that I did before even graduating college.

Prairie Dev Con 2014 Day 1

This week os Prairie Dev Con 2014, a 2 day conference in central Canada focused around development and technology. This year the theme is the Web and Mobile. Today was day 1 of 2 (3 if you do the work shops) and so far it has been a pretty awesome experience. This morning we were greeted after a non-continental breakfast by the keynote speaker Joel Semeniuk, co-founder of Imaginet Resources Corp talking about The Coming Tsunami of technology opportunity coming to the tech industry.

Pokemon Master at Google

Google has announced today that they are now accepting a new type of position at their growing company. The title is Pokemon master, a role that can obviously only be filled by the best of the best. Starting today through the 2nd you can use the augmented reality feature added to your Google Maps application to collect all 150 Pokemon around the world. You will of course have to act fast because there are going to be many competitors for this position.

Google Summer of Code 2014

Tobi Mueller started coding when his grandfather, who works in IT, gave him access to a spare PC. It was a sweet 286 machine which Tobi learned to program with the then-popular teaching language Pascal. He eventually became interested in free and open source software, but it was Google Summer of Code (GSoC) that helped transform Tobi into the free software contributor he is today.