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Pokemon Master at Google

Google has announced today that they are now accepting a new type of position at their growing company. The title is Pokemon master, a role that can obviously only be filled by the best of the best. Starting today through the 2nd you can use the augmented reality feature added to your Google Maps application to collect all 150 Pokemon around the world. You will of course have to act fast because there are going to be many competitors for this position.


Ubuntu 14.04 Beta Download

The beta of the newest version of Ubuntu – 14.04 is available for download. There are some exciting new UI enhancements and some under the hood changes.

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Android Wearables Are Here

I regularly use my Pebble smart watch, it is great to have access to so much information at a glance to my wrist. The only real downside to me is that I am just such a fan of the Android operating system it is a shame the device isn’t running it. Well now today it has been announced on the Google Android blog that that is becoming a reality.


Google Summer of Code 2014

Tobi Mueller started coding when his grandfather, who works in IT, gave him access to a spare PC. It was a sweet 286 machine which Tobi learned to program with the then-popular teaching language Pascal. He eventually became interested in free and open source software, but it was Google Summer of Code (GSoC) that helped transform Tobi into the free software contributor he is today.


Wandering in the footsteps of the polar bear with Google Maps

In Inuit poetry, the polar bear is known as Pihoqahiak, the ever-wandering one. Some of the most majestic and elusive creatures in the world, polar bears travel hundreds of miles every year, wandering the tundra and Arctic sea ice in search of food and mates. Today, with the help of Street View, we’re celebrating International Polar Bear Day by sharing an intimate look at polar bears in their natural habitat.