On June 9 – 11 in Winnipeg we held our Game Jam, Peg Jame that is. The theme was things are not as the seem, and although I sent everybody on my team at Bit Space Development to work on projects of their choosing, I decided to try my hand at something as well.

I am not creative so I decided to work with VR as usual.

My goals:

  1. Learn about terrain generation
  2. Learn about navigation
  3. Implement AI
  4. Learn more about lighting and effects

The Game

What started as a passive VR experience which was intended to be stationary eventually included VR, controller input (not yet room scale), and eventually features like a day/night cycle, navigation, and AI.

The initial VR experience looked like this

I generated the world using an interesting piece of software called Geovox, which used sculpted voxels to create the world which I could edit, and import directly into Unity. This seemed to be the easiest and fastest way to implement a level that looked good and was dynamic enough to implement what I wanted.

The main problem is when I brought it into Unity it looked like crap. I am fairly certain the world is not so shiny and the grass does not turn white when the sun is in front of you. So I started working with the lighting, removing the directional lighting options and working more with scene lighting, applying colour correction and bloom effect. I ended up with a game that looks a lot better.

The Story

Once I had implemented the new lighting I found out the theme for the PegJam was pretty easy for my current project.

Things are not as they seem

The woods are inherently full of mystery.

Until the theme was announced I had focused on making a small camp that was visually interesting, added a campfire, a tent etc, I had found a way to incorporate my excavator model which is important in everything I make apparently, but there was a mystery… where is everybody?

If you explore a little deeper you will find another building. This is where the people are, but they are not OK.

Future Plans

I am unsure if I will continue working on this project but it has been a fun game jam weekend so far. I may work on it more depending on how well it is received. I did implement a survival engine called Ultimate Survival in order to get a few features implemented like:

  • Day / Night cycle
  • AI
  • Crafting
  • Inventory
  • Combat
  • Player stats

So it is possible to really expand on this game and I am open to suggestions. The game is currently on Game Jolt

Game Page

I’ve already had about 100 people view, download, and play the game so I am awaiting impressions and feedback on the idea.

Notes: The game is not optimized, you will get low FPS, it was not my main focus this weekend.

Game Information

Although controls are currently limited you have 2 options for controls.

1: Controller

  • Looking and aiming: Oculus VR HMD
  • Movement: XBox controller

2: Mouse & Keyboard

  • Looking and aiming: Oculus VR HMD
  • Movement: Keyboard input (W, A, S, D)

VR Support

This application is currently developed for VR only. Currently, the only supported platform is Oculus. Supported HMDs are:

  • Oculus CV1
  • Oculus DK2

Planned Support

  • Oculus GearVR
  • HTC Vive