So now that I have had some time to digest everything from web summit, I figured it was time to talk about it. In Early October 2016 I hopped on a plane to fly over to Lisbon Portugal. Not knowing what to expect I figured I would spend the next 6 days wandering around Lisbon and catching some talks at the event. Over all, that stuff did happen but the event ended up having a lot more in store for me than I initially expected.

First, I received my tickets through the Web Summit organizers due to my work in open source development and community building. I can’t review the conference as a value for the ticket cost because I didn’t actually pay for a ticket, so it would be unfair for me to talk about that. I do believe that if you bought a ticket just to wander around the trade show floor and listen to some talks you might feel that the value wasn’t there. The tickets were very expensive.


The Canada Booth

I traveled as a part of the ICT West delegation from western Canada, I was one of only a couple companies from Winnipeg but there was a whole group from the western provinces. On top of that we had a group from Canada in general. This was awesome because across the world I still had a group of people I was at least from the same country as.

The Canadian Embassy to Portugal put on a Canada Day Summit event the first day of the event as well as hosted all the companies from Canada at their booth. This gave us a base of operation and I got to have my logo on a booth at Web Summit which is something far out of the reach of small organizations. This was worth going alone.


ICT West

While in Portugal ICT West interviewed me about Bit Space Development, the community, and my personal opinions on where to go when you want to start your own business.

In addition to the interview the team at ICT West helped us prepare for the event by putting on workshops as well as 1 on 1 training on how to get the attention of big companies and at the very least get a meeting out of them.. it worked.

Over all Web Summit was a great experience for me, my business, and my connections. We now have some strong leads, closed some deals, and made some strong connections while I was there. 10/10 would go again.