Bit Space Development:
Bit Space Development Ltd. (BSD) is a Winnipeg based technology consultancy focused on helping small and medium sized businesses learn about technology and implement new innovative technologies like virtual reality, 3D printing, and modern frameworks into their organizations.
Bit Space Development has worked with organizations like Red River College, The University of Manitoba, and Google to develop open source, gamified, and innovative new technologies that are being implemented in many locations around the city.
BSD specializes in Agile Scrum based project management and helps businesses adapt the framework to increase velocity, increase sales, and grow their own businesses. Bit Space Development has worked with many educational institutes, local artists, and not for profit organizations to help them with their IT and development needs.
PanoPla is a new technology start-up located on innovation alley. The focus of the company is to help businesses, realtors, schools, and users to build and share their own virtual tours and VR content. PanoPla was developed locally by talented developers and is growing it’s user base over 34 countries in just 5 months.
The tool makes it easy for anybody to take a virtual field trip, travel the world, show a home, or go to Mars.