It has been a while since I wrote starting up, I have been busy with my business (which is a good thing). When I started Bit Space Development I set out to learn. If I was going to start a business and fail, I would have learned about failing. If I built something that was sucessfull I would have learned how to succeed. What I didn’t anticipate was how much I would learn in such a short amount of time.

At BSD we use Agile Scrum to manage our project. This is partially because I already liked Agile and had worked in a Kanban shop at Bold and partially because Guy really likes Scrum as well. We have even used Scrum to build a car in a single day at Winnispeed a couple summers ago.


We took agile scrum and we married it to our Git flow, which created a super efficient system. We are working on a post about that as I write this so I won’t go into too much detal to spare myself from repeating.

Always Learning

BSD is a new startup. We have been in our space for about 2 months now and so far we have completed everything and exceeded expectations at speed, quality, and what we can accomplish. This has been tremendous for the college as well because we are not only developing for Red River but we are taking their students and mentoring them.


Our team is currently made up of a collection of interesting people. We have recent grads, seasoned veterans of IT, and current students. We also have a good mix of backend, frontend, and full stack developers.

What is interesting about our team though is we have modeled our dyanmic entirely around the BIT and BTM projects at Red River College in that we take in their students, then throw them into a fast paced environment where they have to work hard to keep up.

I am challenged by my students, not only because I am mentoring them (which is what you would expect) but because they are damn good. There is not a single member of my team right now who needs their hand held. I wanted to learn from my team as much as they want to learn from me, which is so important.