Created with the home based user in mind, the iBox Nano is the worlds smallest, most affordable 3D Resin Printer.

Kickstarter has no shortage of 3D printers, there is a new one claiming to change the world of 3D printing every other week. The iBox Nano is exceptionally interesting though. Aside from it’s terrible name (I hate when people put i in front of the name) it seems to be a really interesting printer. Instead of using spools of APS or PLA plastic this printer actually uses resin. Because of this it can take up a lot less space and being built off a Raspberry Pi keeps it open and hackable. I use my 3D printer all the time but one thing that bothers me is moving it. I keep modifying my printer which has made it a pain to move. The ATX power supply is always getting tangled or the alignment is off or something. The iBox nano with minimum parts, the Raspberry Pi built into the base of the unity and lack of a spool make it a very portable and small machine. This is something you should look into if you are getting into 3D printing. You can find them on Kickstarter.

3D printing will never be the same

We didn’t set out to improve 3D printing, we set out to remove the barriers; to get 3D printers in the hands of everyone. That’s why we have developed the worlds smallest, most affordable and easiest to use 3D Resin Printer. Most 3D printers are expensive, large, noisy and complicated. We created the iBox Nano with the home based user in mind. We are now ready to share this technology with you.

The Nano is the start of the home based 3D printing and replicating age

We have been hard at work, and with your help, we’re ready to take the iBox Nano into full-fledged production. By supporting this effort, you’ll be the first to get your hands on an amazing 3D printer AND help usher in a new era of home based 3D printing – an era in which your creative output is no longer limited by price or dauntingly complex machines.

3D printing for everyone

We have gone to extraordinary lengths to design a user friendly 3D printing experience:

  • The iBox Nano is designed to produce high resolution prints with the touch of a button
  • There is no software to install so you can spend less time setting up prints and more time printing
  • A robust ecosystem of open source and free software for 3D modeling and editing
  • WiFi enabled so you can print untethered
  • Battery powered option for on-the-go printing (optional purchase).

The iBox Nano is:

  • The worlds smallest Resin printer
  • The worlds most affordable Resin printer
  • The worlds only battery powered (option) Resin printer
  • The worlds first production LCD based UV Resin printer
  • The worlds quietest 3D printer
  • The worlds lightest 3D printer

Browser based 3D Printing

Smartphone and tablet control: Most 3D printers only support 1-2 operating systems and have to be tethered to your computer. With the iBox Nano, you can print from any browser; from your iPhone, your iPad, any Android device, Windows PC or Mac. You can print without installing any software. If it has a browser you can print to the iBox Nano.

WiFi enabled 3D Printing 

The iBox Nano works over WiFi, so you can print without being tethered to your printer. If you choose you can also print over Ethernet using the integrated 100BaseT interface.

3D Resin Printing has evolved

Many of the Resin printers on the market use DLP technology to create and control the UV light used to cure the resin. Using a DLP projector introduces a few issues such as low bulb life and cooling fan noise. DLP projector bulbs will need to be replaced at their service interval, generally at 2000-8000 hours of use. Even before they fail they will suffer a noticeable loss in output power causing reduced print quality, or no print at all. These bulbs can cost hundreds of dollars, and all of them will need to be replaced.

Our design is unique, we use UV LEDs rated at 50,000+ hours, which is equivalent to 17 years, running 8 hours a day.

Excessive noise can affect the quality of your day, because 3D printers can take several hours or longer to complete taller builds, it’s important that the device makes as little noise pollution as possible. DLP projectors and Laser based SLA resin printers require cooling fans to be running 100% of the time. The DLPs use them to cool the bulbs to extend their life, and the Laser systems use them to cool the galvanometer drivers to extend their life. Our printer uses very little power and generates almost no heat, thus not requiring a cooling fan and its associated noise.

Most consumers buy a large 3D printer and statistically only print small items. The reasons behind this are material cost, print time, and the nature of the items that are typically 3D printed. So why pay 2-3 thousand dollars for a large printer that will consume  space when a small  printer that can be placed almost anywhere will print everything you want?

Large build plates on resin printers can also be a disadvantage. Unlike FDM (filament) printers the resin in the build tray is inadvertently exposed to UV radiation from sources such as indoor lighting. Over time, the resin in the vat degrades, which leads to failed prints. Resin is a consumable, so if you will be printing small things, your resin printer should suit your needs. The iBox Nano meets all your small print design needs.

iBox Printers has reset the bar

Most 3D printers are general tools designed to try and meet a broad spectrum of needs, and in doing so, they don’t meet any one need precisely.

The iBox Nano is designed for the home user who wants to print small to average sized 3D objects with good resolution without having a large noisy printer intruding on their workspace. The goals were to be small, quiet, inexpensive, and portable. We have achieved all of this for one specific target audience; you.

High Resolution without High Prices

Traditionally 3D printers have been segmented into two groups; High resolution models costing thousands of dollars, or Low resolution costing just under a thousand dollars. We are introducing a 3D Printer that prints at 328 microns on the X-Y axis and can print down to 0.39 microns on the Z axis.

3D Printing with Mobility; made possible with the iBox Nano

The iBox Nano is the worlds first truly portable 3D Resin Printer. Weighing only 3 pounds, it is small enough and light enough to just slide in your backpack, making it truly portable. Almost all 3D printers have several wires; a USB cable to connect to your computer and a power cable. The iBox Nano is WiFi enabled so you will never be tethered to your computer. It is also the worlds first battery powered 3D Resin Printer. The battery option* lasts approximately 10 hours.

The battery option, coupled with the Nano’s silent and completely wireless operation allows you to truly be mobile. You will be printing on the go at Starbucks, in the library, at a friends house, or at any location you desire.

 We have silenced 3D Printing 

3D Printers of all technologies have cooling fans and stepper motors. Both generate noise pollution. FDM printers use four stepper motors and generate a tremendous amount of random and distracting sounds. Projector and Laser 3D printers have one to two stepper motors and have high volume cooling fans which are inherently noisy.

The lowest energy consumption of any 3D printer

Whether you opt for our optional battery pack, power the iBox Nano from your notebook pc, or the included wall dongle, you will be happy to hear we have the worlds lowest power 3D printer. Consuming an order of magnitude less power than the next best printer. We offer optional 10 hour and 20 hour battery packs. These are external packs that connect via USB to your Nano. You will be able to purchase them in our online store by Jan 2015.

Advanced Materials

The iBox Nano is constructed of precision laser cut extruded acrylic. Also known as Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA). It is 17 times stronger than glass and at only half the weight provides a beautiful yet durable structure where neither function nor form are compromised.

The iBox Nano was designed to be the worlds lowest priced 3D Resin Printer

Our goals for the Nano were many, but in meeting each and every feature target we also kept absolute focus on price while upholding the highest standards in quality. We believe everyone should have access to a 3D printer, that’s why we are presenting the worlds least expensive 3D Resin Printer.

 Taking resolution to the next level; the iBox Nano has almost 3x times the Z resolution of the next best 3D Printer. 

The higher the Z resolution the less banding in the Z axis and the smoother the layers look. Printing in extreme Z precision will increase print times proportionately, but the option is there in case you want ultra Z resolution.

Beta Unit 3D Prints

Tall Print Example

We printed two of these extrusions side by side at once on the Nano. They measure 15x15x60mm

Early Alpha Unit Test Prints

iBox Nano Specifications

iBox Nano Production Timeline

Reward Levels

About the Founder

Trent Carter is the Founder of iBox Printers with more than 20 years of extensive experience in various software and hardware engineering fields as well as management. He has been a CEO for technology companies for more than 10 years. iBox Printers develops and sells 3D printer solutions focusing on the large and growing home 3D printing and maker market segment. His experience with applications engineering, software development, and hardware design make him a good candidate to lead technology based businesses. He attended USC from 1997-2001 and studied Engineering, Physics and Math. Trent has filed for more than 10 technology based patents in wireless communication, protocols, software and 3D printing technology.

The iBox Nano in the Press

Technology Partners

Raspberry Pi and other partners
Raspberry Pi and other partners

Jaycon Systems

Raspberry Pi Foundation

Credit for Models

1.Stanford Bunny by phooky is licensed under theCreative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial license.

2.Rook by seechless is licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution license.

3.Iron Man Helmet (one piece) by scottyboy1129 is licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike license.

4.aluminum beam 20mm x20mm x 120mm bylancedesignlab is licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution license.

5.5mm Calibration Cube Steps by MCroucher is licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike license.

6.Sphere, Heart, and Cube by pmoews is licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution license.

7.Eiffel Tower by B9Creations is licensed under theAttribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike

8.Ironman Faceplate Ring by Vivenda is licensed under the Attribution – Non-Commercial – No Derivatives license.

9.Bird in Cage Pendant by katharos is licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike license.

10.Banjo Dinosaur Head by ToScH is licensed under the Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alikelicense.

11.linkBracelet (or Ring when scaled!) by MakeALotis licensed under the BSD License license.