I am not only a huge fan of Arduino, but if you have ever visited this site before you will know I am a big fan of 3D printing as well. When I heard that Arduino was developing it’s own sub $1000 3D printer that is modular, open, and available as a kit I was pretty excited. The Materia 101 is designed for beginners, makers, and enthusiasts alike which means that it could end up as the standard for many hobbyists.

Materia 101 is a precision 3D printer running on Arduino Mega, designed and developed in Italy, thanks to the collaboration of Arduino and Sharebot, two companies working with a similar approach to technology. It is ideal for beginners, makers and education.


I personally have been using the Printrbot 1405 which I built out of a kit similar to how the Materia will be offered, it uses a printrboard which is based off of an Arduino, and can even be flashed using the Arduino software. I have an Arduino uno and mega sitting on my desk waiting to be built into a 3D printer. I am hoping that parts lists and the components will be available to buy individually on the website so that I can take my existing hardware and build a Materia essentially out of spare parts.

Materia 101’s visual identity is curated by studio ToDo: the choice of essentiality of design and the white color of the machine suggests its ease of use.

The printer will be available only on the Arduino Store both as a kit and pre-assembled. Official pricing of the device will be disclosed at a later date but the kit will sell for less than 600 EUR/800 USD, while the pre-assembled version will be available for less than 700 EUR/1000 USD.

You will be able to purchase the Materia as either a built product or a kit and assemble it yourself similar to the Printrbot. The printer will sell for about $1000 USD assembled and $800 as a kit (which is more fun by the way). I am excited to get my hands on one of these machines and see what it can really do. Now we just need a way to get some Raspberry (or Banana) Pi in there somehow.

Source: Arduino Blog