The Cake Board is a unique bread BreadBoard that will make it a lot easier to do some things while prototyping. This board is not only compatible with LEGO which is just the coolest but it is also double sided which makes stacking the boards or connecting the GPIO pins from a RaspberryPi or Arduino to the board super easy. This board is on Kickstarter right now and you can check out the page here.

The Solderless Breadboards evolves! You can pile them up and make a foundation with multiple layers. Plus, it is compatible with LEGO®


The Solderless Breadboards so far could have only created 2-dimentional circuitry and users could have done predetermined things. However, with using this CakeBoard, 3-dimentional circuitry can be created, so user can make things which could not have been done before! If you want to give a board to your child, which do you want to give, a previous Solderless Breadboards or a CakeBoard. Of course, it should be the CakeBoard! Because it can be used with combination of the LEGO®, so it is enjoyable many times than previous one and rich ideas will be popped out!

・Compatibility with Raspberry Pi Direct ectend the Rasberry Pi!


・Convenient through holes for 3D layered structure Holes of CakeBoard are the through holes.Therefore, they can be layered to create a circuitry and the layered circuitry can be try from a prototype.With layering them vertically, it can save a space for working!

・Compatibility with LEGO® You can locate this product on LEGO® blocks. If you have the LEGO® plate and blocks, you can spread them over the wide area.You can enjoy the great variety of expressions if you combine this product with LEGO® blocks.

・Solve your complain on Solderless Breadboards The Solderless Breadboards so far did not have holes in the center, so users were frustrated. Furthermore, misaligned holes for installed the power supply made users not comfortable. The CakeBoard has solved such problems! And, it has many holes than the standard Solderless Breadboards!

・It comes with parts to join them together. Each CakeBroad comes with one joining part. These parts can be divided and available for various uses.

information about the compatibility with Arduino UNO. Since there are some spots on Arduino UNO which are not exactly 100mil (2.45mm) pitch, you are going to have to push hard to put Arduino UNO and CakeBoard together. And the pins will get inserted with angle, which sometimes might cause them to get stuck inside.

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■Aout BreadBoardManiac(About us) Creators with diverse backgrounds belong to the BBM team, specialized in Blacksmith, design, and Robotics. Technical Advisor : Ryuma Niiyama

 The BBM team explore further and expand more possibility of BreadBorad. Its main activities are to develop and to keep providing you a lot of exciting items for BreadBorad! Our goal is to give you a great thrill and pleasure through our research achievement.

If this project completed well, we promise our future products will enrich your BreadBorad life. We keep bringing our passion to make as many as wish come true for BreadBorad users in the world!!