The Raspberry Pi is such a powerful little thing. It empowers people to learn and grow and it is the projects that really make it what it is. The TiddlyBot is one of the best educational projects on Kickstarter right now. It is a small robot that can draw, follow lines, and help with learning about technology. You can check out the TiddlyBot on it’s Kickstarter page.

TiddlyBot is a simple little funbot with some amazing features. It draws, follow lines, and helps with the learning of technology.

Tiddly Bot introduces anyone to the exciting world of robotics in a fun and simple way.  Tiddles is great for the learning of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, (STEM) as well as basic robotics and programming.

 Based on the Raspberry Pi the Tiddly Kit  adds robot powers like movement, a multi-colored light, and line-drawing and following. This can be used to help learn and teach programming as well as for playing games. Great for schools and at home.

The Tiddly web interface for remote control
The Tiddly web interface for remote control

Our developed software allows things to work out the box.  Connect to any smartphone, tablet or PC then remote control Tiddles or program with our customised Blockly Interface.

TiddlyBot is a squiggly bot and can draw both freestyle and programmatically.  Several with different colors can make modern art!

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 New Workshop Experience Offered! 

We’ve been running fun and engaging workshops since last September and now we’d like to offer this experience on Kickstarter. In this two hour workshop experience, we’ll get you building, programming, and playing in no time.  (See for more details).

Why Help?

As well as delivering your rewards your backing with fund our energetic team to develop great learning software, content and workshop experiences, to reach hundreds of young people.  We’re serious about empowering the next generation with vital tech skills, as well as confidence and your backing will make this possible.

Meet the Team 

We’re a multi-disciplined group of digital creatives. We’re passionate about using play to help learning, and are excited about learning and playing more to deliver the TiddlyBot to a wider audience.

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