3D Printing is one of the coolest new technologies being developed right now. It is moving at a fast rate and there are some really interesting new designs coming out like the Titan 1. The Titan 1 is currently on Kickstarter and looks to be the fastest, tallest, and best quality print out there right now. You can check it out on kickstarter.

Up to 2.7 inches per hour print time, 9.5 inches tall print size, and min 37 micron XY resolution – enabled by Patent-Pending PSP Tech. Compared with Stereolithography (SLA) competitors, Titan 1 is at least 2 times faster and has the largest printing size.

Innovative Improvements

There are currently 3 main problems with the technologies used by our competitors – small printing size, long printing time, and low resolution.

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1. In terms of printing size, Titan 1 can print up to 9.5” tall with a 7.54” x 4.25” build base at 100 micron XYZ resolution, which is the tallest among all personal SLA printers.

In addition to bigger prints, Titan 1 can print multiple objects at the same time.

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2. Titan 1 is the fastest personal SLA printer in the market today. For other SLA printers to print a 4.6 inch Eiffel tower with 100 micron Z resolution, it takes anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. With Titan 1, it only takes 2 hours.

Titan 1’s maximum speed for xy:50μm and z:100μm resolution is about 2.7 inches / hr and 1.3 inches / hr for xyz:100μm resolution. Compared with FDM type 3D printers, Titan 1 is five times faster and has much better resolution and surface smoothness.

3. Titan 1 can print at resolutions that are 5 times better than FDM printers while completing the project at a faster speed. Titan 1 can print pillar features as fine as a strand of hair. The small Eiffel tower above is printed at 37 micron XYZ resolution. The mini rings below are printed at 37 micron XY and 30 micron Z resolution.

Easily Adjustable for Multiple Usages

Titan 1 is the most flexible SLA 3D printer with easily adjustable functions to maximize speed or resolution – allowing it to be used for multiple purposes.

Some 3D printers focus on resolution but are only able to print small objects. On the other hand, other printers can print larger objects while sacrificing resolution (which are still not as large as what Titan 1’s).

Titan 1 is specifically designed for users to easily make adjustments with the widest range of printing sizes and resolution in the market today. Titan 1 is so flexible that it can print larger objects, and can be adjusted to increase resolution and print smaller objects. Speed, resolution, and size can be optimized based on user preferences.

You can be a creator and bring your imagination to life.

  • Jewelry for Jewelry Designers

by Jonathan Iyar (Graduation Ring)wholestory (Another brutal print test – Ring)Roman Heggin (Bracelet – Voronoi Style),  (Voronoi Bracelet)Nathan Caswell (Defensive Spikes Bracelet)Janis Kelm (My Customized Bracelet Designer)

  • Art work for Artists
  • Molds, Parts, and Prototypes for Engineers and Product Designers
  • Models and Prototypes for Architects and Designers
  • Design and research models for Teachers and Students
  • And many other uses including prototyping and samples for small businesses and niche applications, such as hearing aid molds and dental study models

by PerryT (Chinese Ball-2)Mitch Raducanoiu (Le Rhone 9 cilinder engine for Fokker DR I from Electifly) David Nguyen (iPhone 5 Case)

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Titan 1 is a perfect tool for creators, companies, and schools because it is easily adaptable to fit various user preferences and project needs.

A fun fact about the Titan 1 is that you can easily take out the commercial-grade HD projector and use it to project HD movies and have your own home theater!

Titan 1 can print using multiple colors on a single object. During printing, users can easily switch between different colored resins to achieve the desired coloration.

by Hroncok (Statue of Liberty with base building)Hiroaki Nishimura (Stratum-Vase_001)Ben Malouf (Zigzag Vase)

Reward Levels

Titan 1 comes with a gorgeous acrylic cover in two colors – Red and Orange.

The Standard Ruby package includes the printer with the RED ruby cover, resin, and the starter kit.

The Premium Diamond package includes the printer with the ORANGE diamond cover, resin, and the starter kit. It also includes an extra build platform, resin container, resin, and a Kudo3D shirt.  This bonus will enable you to print projects or use different colors back to back by simply swapping out these components with the unused set. You can also print multiple colors without cleaning up the resin in the first container.  The premium package will greatly enhance your printing experience.

Many SLA 3D printer users need to post-cure their printouts in the sun before being able to use the objects. We developed a Post-Curing UV LED Lamp so that our users can shorten the post-curing time and be able to post-cure regardless of rain or shine. Our UV LED Lamp is available as its own pledge level of $349. It is also included in two other pledge levels, which are bundled with the Ruby and Diamond packages.

Our Starter Kit includes:

  • A metal spatula to separate the printed models from the build table
  • A lens cleaner brush to remove dusts from the projector lens
  • Scissors to separate support from printed objects

To minimize the shipping and handling cost,  70% of the assembling labor is completed prior to shipment. Users will need to assemble the upper portion of the printer, including the linear stage module, build platform, and the acrylic cover.  Users will then just need to screw the projector on the frame, and the printer will be ready to use. The assembling process is simple – it’s as simple as assembling IKEA furniture! Following the instructions, it should take less than 2 hours for a layman to finish assembling.

The frame, which includes 12 pieces of metal, has the highest complexity to assemble – but it’ll come assembled for you!

The resin included in regular packages will be a 500 mL bottle of black resin. The additional resin in premium packages will be an extra 500 mL bottle of red resin. For additional resin, please add $70 to your pledge for 3 more 500 mL resin bottles. We have 2 add-on options for additional packages of 3 resin bottles – Option A (black, yellow, green) and Option B (white, red, blue).

For an additional PSP resin container – please add $55. For an additional build platform, please add $90.

Our future retail price will be higher than our printer pledge amounts so take advantage of the DISCOUNTED PRICES now! Our first shipment date will have an LIMITED AMOUNT of 450 printers.

Technological Breakthrough

In order to expand the reach of SLA technology to private homes and small businesses, Kudo3D improves on two major issues with the current SLA process: reliability and cost. Our goal was to develop a low-cost high-performance SLA 3D printer with high reliability.

Modularizing components 

First, SLA technology’s cost is high due to maintenance and materials. Kudo3D addresses these issues by modularizing components and using higher quality parts. Titan 1’s high resolution is produced by the high precision ball screw linear stage module, which is often seen on high-end semiconductor equipments.

Titan 1’s commercial-grade HD 1080p projector and patent-pending resin container are key to its higher reliability, lifetime durability, and speed. The projector is used to generate patterns, making the Titan 1 adjustable and more reliable. Titan 1’s projector solidifies a layer in a two-dimensional fashion without mechanical movements. This reduces the likelihood of mechanical failure compared to the conventional one-dimensional laser drawing technique, which requires rotating two motors continuously. Titan 1’s resolution can be easily tuned without complicated laser alignment and calibrations by applying a bottom-up SLA configuration. By implementing a bottom-up printing configuration coupled with our flexible resin container, we only need to use a single stepping motor.

Kudo3D’s engineering team spent 16 months working around the clock in order to develop and perfect its patent-pending passive self-peeling (PSP) technology, which minimizes the separation force of cured layers. Our proprietary flexible PSP resin container consists of 6 different materials. Therefore, features as tiny as a strand of hair can be preserved during the printing process.

Our Secret Sauce - Proprietary PSP Container
Our Secret Sauce – Proprietary PSP Container

Since our PSP technology utilizes Teflon, our container is immune to the attack of more reactive resins, which is a huge pain for most of our competitors. Titan 1 users can use materials from most commercial SLA resin vendors by simply adjusting the exposure time.

In order to reduce software costs to the consumer, while still maintaining quality and adaptability, we use open source Pronterface and Slic3r. We further reduced costs by applying the open source RAMPS 1.4 and Mega 2560 for the control circuits.

Finally, we couldn’t let this beautiful collection of high quality parts sit in a heap, so we framed them in and covered the frame in a gorgeous snap-on brushed aluminum and acrylic enclosure. Since our printer is modularized, it is very easy to assemble, maintain, upgrade, and manufacture.

Titan 1 is simple, elegant, and easy to use – while keeping costs and the headaches of upkeep at an all time low.

***Product Warranty***

Most Kickstarter projects are not able to offer a warranty, but we are proud to offer a limited manufacturer warranty for the linear translation stage module and the HD projector.

So why are we on Kickstarter?

We spent the last 1 and a half years forming a well-rounded team of engineering, design, and business experts. It was an ambitious project, which led us through prototypes after prototypes, and resulted in the creation of the Titan 1.

It is now ready for production, and we need your help in bringing our first batch of products to life. With the aid of our backers, we will expand our team and allocate resources to setting up a manufacturing line in the US. Please support us in any way that you can and help us get the word out about the Titan 1!

Once we reach our goal, our manufacturing process will begin. We aim to deliver the first batch of Titan 1s by November.  If the pre-order volume surpasses our initial suppliers’ capacity, we have already secured back up suppliers to meet the demand and to help ensure on-time delivery.  All parts will be shipped to California for final inspections before packaging and shipping.

Our Story: the Birth of Titan 1

Kudo3D was founded by Tedd Syao, PhD. Tedd was a professor in electrical engineering and has 15 years of experience in the Photonics industry and academics. He utilized photolithography technology to pattern sub-micron laser devices. With his expertise in photolithography, he was inspired to streamline a similar technology used in 3D printing, which is known as stereolithography or SLA.

Kudo3D ardently believes that 3D printing will change the world and that it will incite the next industrial revolution. To drive the revolution forward, Kudo3D was founded in 2012 and embarked upon a mission to construct a 3D printer that surpasses those on the market in speed, efficiency, reliability, scale, and resolution. Our dream is to make SLA printers available to everyday households.

Previous Prototypes Just for Kicks

The Final Designs

Production Plan

The Team Behind Titan 1

We are all very excited to make Titan 1 a reality!

Compatible with most Commercially Available Resin

Titan 1 is compatible with most resins designed for 400 nanometer SLA printers.


Kudo3D proudly partners with one of the leading resin providers, Makerjuice Labs.

The resin we are offering is the SubG+ from MakerJuice. SubG+ has fast curing and low shrinkage (with measured shrink <3.5%!).


For jewelry designers, castable resin will be available around our first shipment. We will provide updates throughout the campaign.

Kudo3D T-Shirts (and Team “Models”)

Special thanks to these media outlets for featuring the Titan 1!


The printed figures are used to demonstrate that Titan 1 can print various objects only. Kudo3D does not sell the printed figures. Kudo3D respects the intellectual property rights of the authors and owners. Please notify us if you find any prints that do not properly identify the author or potentially infringe any rights of the owners. We will take proper measures to resolve the issues.

Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

On-time delivery of orders is very important to backers and to us. Our team has over 7 years of experience designing and manufacturing products. Our priority is to provide our consumers with an amazing 3D printing experience, including the on-time delivery of units and product durability. Our experienced team has already taken steps to help mitigate potential risks and challenges. For example, some of the components used in the Titan 1 that take longer to produce have been ordered in advance to avoid waiting periods. We have identified all suppliers and backup suppliers for the components of our printer. Also, all parts will be inspected before packaging. Even with the highest standard of quality control, malfunctioning or short life parts may still exist. If such an unfortunate situation should arise, we will work diligently to resolve the problems and maintain open communication with our backers.