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Check some of my open source projects on GitHub.

Additional Projects


I have developed several applications on the Firefox mobile platform. You can check out some of my work on the Firefox Marketplace.


Ubuntu Touch

I was excited to see that being an early adopter of the Ubuntu mobile operating system I have been added to a list of pioneers. There were no devices available when I started developing my apps for Ubuntu Touch but now I have a shirt to show for it.

Ubuntu Developers

Chrome Development

I am a huge fan of the Chrome browser and Chrome OS. I have been working hard to develop apps and themes that attempt to make the user's life easier. I have listed some projects above but there are many more on the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Web Store

Open Source Development

Open Is Something I Care About

Most of the things I end up making are totally open source. This means that I give you access to the code and it is up to you to judge if I write good code or not, either way you can see exactly what these apps are doing. I believe that open source truely helps drive innovation and change in technology. You can see my open source code on my GitHub account.



My Voice On The Internet is my tech blog where I talk about open source development, technology, programming and micro electronics like the Raspberry Pi and Beagleboard Black. I have been running this site since January 2012 and it continues to grow and be constantly redesigned.

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Bored Code
Bored Code

Bored Code

Bored Code is a different kind of blog. I started it because I was tired of writing sponsored articles and wanted to write longer, more feature rich articles about my experience in the startup community. I wanted people to know me as a developer and entrepreneur and not just as the guy who knows a bit about single board computing.

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Winnipeg Android
Winnipeg Android

Winnipeg Android

Winnipeg Android is the local user group for Android enthusiests and developers in Winnipeg, MB. This is also where we post updates about Android, the local community, and featured local apps. This is an awesome community for mobile application developers.

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About Me

Learn who I am & what I do.

Web Developer
Dan Blair

Dan Blair

I am Dan Blair. I am a web and mobile application developer located in Winnipeg Manitoba. I am a father, developer, and student. I organize the Winnipeg Android user group, attend local developer events, and work for a cool company. I primarily work with PHP, JavaScript, and HTML5 which I use to develop websites, mobile apps, and hybrid apps.

I am a big fan of Linux and Shell Scripting and spend a lot of time tinkering with my servers, computers, and microcomputers. On top of all of this I am a technology and an entrepeneur who is quite active in the startup community here in Winnipeg.

App Development
App Development

App Development

I develop for several different platforms and am always looking at the latest and greatest for what is coming out.

I have developed several Android applications which together have collected over 50,000 downloads which is something that would be extra cool if I made money off them. Some of these apps were the first of their kinds such as the Nexus 7 Camera Launcher and Root Checking Utility.

Recently Mozilla released their first versions of Firefox OS, something that I was quick to jump on, I have been working with the hardware as well as developing apps for the platform and I recently released my D7 Peercoin Mining Utility which is one of the first apps developer for Firefox OS that implements an external API and is totally open source.

Web Development
Web Development

Web Development

I am the CEO and founder of a tech startup called Bit Space Development Ltd in Winnipeg Manitoba. I work with my friends and some of the best people around to develop innovative and interactive products. I have worked with differnt types of people and companies to develop websites ranging from ecommerce to single page information sites that range on topics from parenting to car detailing and even to audio production.

I am comfortable working in PHP, Ruby, HTML5, and JavaScript. I am also happy using frameworks like WordPress, CodeIgniter, Rails, and jQuery.

On the web side of things I also work extensively with the servers that run my web sites. This includes Linux administration, scripting, and managing servers. This is arguably my favorite part of web development.

Bit Space Development Ltd.

Bit Space Development Ltd. is a tech startup that I am co-founder and CEO of. It is focused on developing innovative new technolgoies using interesting platrforms like virtual reality and 3D pritning.

Our company is a little different in that we heavily focus on collaborating vs compeeting with people in the city which has resulted in some interesting partnerships. We work with the collest people

The main focus of the company is on gamified education and custom platform development. We also develop hardware solutions using our favorite single board computers and the like, which you can read about on our selling site.


See What Others Are Saying About Me.

Reliable WordPress Developer

Guy Dugas - Consultant,, Inc.

Daniel is a sharp and reliable WordPress developer to whom I had the pleasure of transferring responsibility for the support and maintenance of a Winnipeg not-for-profit organization's Website, online store, and social media. His professionalism and competence far exceed what you would expect of a student. It's a bonus that Dan is also a very nice guy. I very highly recommend him.


Savvy With Technology

Joanne Brown - Clinician, New Directions

Daniel has been providing full IT coverage for the Attachment Network of Manitoba for over a year and has rescued us a number of times. He anticipates our technological needs, looks for gaps to fill and is creative in filling them. He is knowledgeable about our needs and what the everchanging technological world has to offer, but best of all, he knows how to relate this to people not so savvy with technology. We would not hesitate to recommend him!



Check out where I have popped up in the news.

Bit Space Development on air for Ramp Up Weekend 7

Dahlia - CJOB

Right before Ramp Up Manitoba 7, I was on CJOB, a local radio station to talk about the startup community and Bit Space Development Ltd.

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Judging Ramp Up Weekend 7 no cake walk, but shaming app takes top prize

Brent Wennekes - Innovate Manitoba

As one of the winning teams of Ramp Up Weekend 7, I was featured in Innovate Manitoba's article about the startup community.

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A BIT Development

Guy Dugas - Red River College

I was featured along side my team on the Red River College Business Information Technology blog.

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